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Financing & business solutions for

Business Expansion

A spike in sales, entering a new market, or a business acquisition requires capital to finance your expansion plans. Securing funding is vital for growth.

Inventory Financing

Your ability to meet customer inventory demands directly impacts your sales. Using business financing to buy inventory is critical for product wholesalers and retails.

Marketing and Advertising

Even the best business idea won’t go far if no one knows it exists. Proper funding through small business loans is a great way to launch that marketing campaign.

Business Operations

Having sufficient cash flow is essential for your business’s daily operations and expenses. Inject funding into your business to finance your everyday needs.

Renovation Financing

Giving your business an update or facelift adds real value. Renovation financing gives you the funds to make improvements without impacting cash flow.

Business Tax Debt

Owing business tax payments to the IRS can be a stressful financial situation. Use tax debt loans to avoid fines that can put you and your business in financial jeopardy.

Employee Payroll

If business cash flow is tight, you want to minimize the effect it has on your staff. Use payroll loans as a form of gap financing to avoid any delays in paying your employees.

Equipment Financing

If your business relies on equipment to maintain operations, you know the importance of being able to replace these items. Getting the cash to buy new equipment is vital.

No Fee Processing
processing will once and for all eliminate all processing fees

With the No Fee Processing, you'll never have to worry about processing fees. Over 2900+ merchants are already using No Fee Processing, and more are singing on every day

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  • Statement Fee
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No Fee

  • 0%
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  • 2-4% of Gross
  • $0.05-$0.25
  • $0.05-$0.25
  • $5-$10/mo
  • $25-$50/mo
  • $3-$15/mo
  • $1-$199/mo
  • $50-$100/mo
*$49.99 monthly membership fee applies only to cash discount program users.
The fyn cap advantage Alternative
Most banks Credit Cards
Qualification decisions in under 24 hours
Low Competitive Rates
Minimal Documentation
Funding in as little as 72 hours
Banking and Tax Liens Accepted
Automated online process
Values Cash Flow, Not just Credit Score